Poondi - 'A place shivering throughout the year' in kodaikanal

Poondi is not at all a famous tourist spot, to the date at least. Even we weren't much aware of this tiny beautiful place until we reached there.

We actually planned our trip to Mannavanur and we ended up in Poondi. Mannavanur is famous for its eco-tourism and Mannavanur lake. That's why we planned to explore Mannavanur.

 Mannavanur is located some  30 Km away from Kodaikanal and is a beautiful remote village. I must say not too many people coming Kodai are aware of this place.

 Kodai is a famous tourist attraction and I have been to Kodai two times before. So we completely skipped Kodai and went straight to Mannavanur.

From Kodai to Mannavanur, the roads are really good and the views are stunning. You surely gonna enjoy the ride.

As you go in the views get better and you get to know nature to its best. First, you will come across a small village called Poombarai. There is a beautiful view of Poombarai village which you can see from a height on your way down.

 You can see farming plots everywhere and which enriches the beauty of villages. Everybody here living from farming.

Everything is the same with Mannavanur and Poondi unless as you ride in, you see fewer people and more nature. That's what forced us to drove to Poondi for that night.

We had no pre-plans for that night and a local guy from Poondi took us to a homestay there. Which was almost at the top of a hill.
It was a tent stay opening the door to a scenic view and we had some really good time there. It was too cold there even in that peak of summer.

I recommend Poondi to everyone out there who loves nature and want to spend some time away from their busy rush life. This will definitely be a unique experience for you.

And also, don't forget to explore the Mannavanur which is a place worth spending some time too.

Also watch the video our journey here :


We used our bikes for the journey. The routes are good for bikes and cars as well.
If you are using public transportation, I guess you will get buses from Kodaikanal to Mannavanur. And from there you may need to hire a jeep or something.


Many stay options available in Poondi and Mannavanur as well in variable rates. Mannavanur eco-tourism has stay options are there, but for that you must have to book in prior. We spent some Rs.400 per person for those tents. Don't expect luxurious facilities there as it is a pakka remote place.

                       Happy Travel!


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