Movies that inspires you to travel the world.

Here are a few movies from my playlist which inspired me to travel & explore the beautiful world out there.  Do watch if you haven't seen them yet.

Poondi - 'A place shivering throughout the year' in kodaikanal

Poondi is not at all a famous tourist spot, to the date at least. Even we weren't much aware of this tiny beautiful place until we reached there.

Colours of Jaipur - Exploring Jaipur in two days!

Jaipur has that power, which makes you say 'wow' in minutes you enter the city. Those Forts, palaces, markets and everything in Jaipur makes it a perfect location for a vacation seeker. 

VARKALA for the deficiency of vitamin 'SEA'

Varkala, a place which calls me again and again from the day one of my return. I'm guessing the same case for everyone who visited the destination. That's the speciality of Varkala. It is a perfect choice for the people with the deficiency of vitamin 'SEA'.

Monsoon Drive to Athirappilly Falls!

Do anyone out there has some crazy disorders when it comes to travelling? Sometimes many of us have that immense calling to visit a destination. It was one such nightfall.

5 reasons why 'A Road Trip to Goa' is a must!

A road trip to goa is a giant package comes with a lot of experiences. It is a sure entry in every Indian 's bucket list for many reasons. Here are some of my thoughts on why you should take a ride to Goa.

Gokarna - Exploring the offbeat beaches!

Gokarna is a mini-Goa in my opinion and its really for the non-party type people. The beaches here are calm, quiet and not crowdy at all. So you always have your own space to enjoy Gokarna to it's fullest. Gokarna beaches are not as colourful as Goa but it's beautiful in its own way. It's surely one of the must-visit destinations in South India.

A full day trekking to mandalpatti- coorg

trekking to mandalpatti

Love trekking? Just get in, this is for you! Mandalpatti is one of the finest trekking destinations  I have ever explored in south India. There are kilometres to conquer and you must come with muscles because it is not that easy.  

Following some unknown roads - A road trip to Ooty via Mulli!

As Ooty remains as one of the finest getaway destinations in South India, a trip to Ooty will always be a worthy one. As a South Indian, Ooty is a local trip for me but this time through Attapadi and Mulli, the route which makes the journey special. Ooty welcomes all those who are looking for less travelled roads and those who love to explore.

Valparai - A perfect drive to experience the nature!

Valparai, the perfect driving destination. Journey through the lap of nature will be one of the finest weekend getaways you can experience. This could be the best choice for those nature lovers and the road trip mads out there.

Magical Meghamalai - Off Road experience to Meghamalai peak!

Any off-road lovers out there? This is more like your kind of place. Ride all way up to the beautiful top station is a worthy experience. You have a lot to explore here.

Exploring an uncharted destination is always special. Meghamalai is a hidden paradise in the Western Ghats. It's one of those underrated places just because the travellers are unaware of this secret destination.