Magical Meghamalai - Off Road experience to Meghamalai peak!

Any off-road lovers out there? This is more like your kind of place. Ride all way up to the beautiful top station is a worthy experience. You have a lot to explore here.

Exploring an uncharted destination is always special. Meghamalai is a hidden paradise in the Western Ghats. It's one of those underrated places just because the travellers are unaware of this secret destination.

Meghamalai is also known as Highway mountains, as the name indicates it is one of the coolest misty mountain ranges in the Western Ghats. The entire mountain range is divided into a number of tea plantations. I have never seen such a beautiful greenery other than Munnar, Kerala.

If you are planning a road trip to Meghamalai, choose Poopara - Bodinayakannur route to catch the destination. The 34 hairpins through the Body Hills will give you an amazing experience. The roads are well maintained and almost empty.

These roads have a lot to tell you, and the ride through these hill roads is an unparalleled experience.

I always prefer you to take a two-wheeler for this beautiful roads. That's how you can make the most of it. 

We rode one on one, my buddy Arjun was also with me who said yes for the trip at the very first moment I told him about the plan.

Theni is the nearest town to Meghamalai, also one of the beautiful destinations in Tamil Nadu. The long straight roads are framed with beautiful landscapes. This is something amazing about Tamil Nadu, their roads!

After a point there is no proper road, we have to ride up through the unpaved routes. However, it's not as difficult as we heard. We realised this when we met a bus on our way up, hats off to those brave drivers. If you are good on your machine, then it's fine whether you choose a bike or a car for this journey. (I always suggest you a bike trip).

Also, there was some maintenance work at progress for the roads. So to all adventure lovers out there, "if you want to explore Meghamalai, then do it now". Before it turns out to be one of the easily catchable destinations.

 As you move up, you realise how tiny you are. That is one of those best things about heights. The view from the top is something just more than awesome.

At some points, you feel like you are at the top of the world. Meghamali is just 1,500m above sea level. You know that it is not an incredible number. Still, it gives you a stunning view.

Who? Me? Indian giant squirrel spotted at Meghamalai

Let me take a look? There is a good number of Monkeys in the Meghamalai forest

perfect posing! Elephants are common here. From the natives, we came to know that the giants are not at all a threat to them.
 Not a wide variety still, Meghamalai has a decent wildlife. Meghamalai forest hosts a variety of birds, mammals and butterflies. Elephants and monkeys are the common sights on the roadsides.

Top station is fully covered with enchanting greenery of tea and cardamom plantations. These places are more colourful than what you see on the pictures, absolutely charming. To all photographers, you must have to bring an extra battery for your camera.

You can visit Meghamalai in any season other than it's raining. It's hard to drive through the muddy roads in the monsoons. Obviously, winter is the best choice. 

getting here:

Theni and Cumbum are the nearest towns, best if you find a halt option here. Hotels and  Resorts close to Meghamalai are costly and the options are very limited. Meghmalai is around 60Km apart from Theni Railway station.

our route:

We started from Angamaly, Kerala and on day1 we ride to Theni, just 180Kms. Next day we moved to Meghamalai, spent a whole fabulous day there and we rode back by the evening.


Happy Travel!


  1. Your words are simple that makes someone tempt to experience the destination☺

    1. Thank you so much Linda, that really means a lot :)